A bit of biography and ramblings
I am always reluctant to call myself an "Artist". To me the term brings to mind Norman Rockwell, Leonardo DaVinci or Rembrant, talents so far beyond my own abilities that a blanket term will not cover us all.  I do carry the common gene of all artists in that we see the world differently than most people.  An old building to most, to me is a blaze of textures and light and history begging to be laid down in some sort of art medium so I can try to bring to your mind what my mind sees.  Musicians play their creations to the emotional soul, while artists implant something of value in the viewers psyche. Its something deep down you know is there, but hidden from view until brought forth in color or design.
As well, I am always reluctant to describe myself by the medium I choose to work in, such as a "Watercolorist" or "Sculptor". Everything, and I do mean everything, lends itself to becoming a tool of choice for creating something not already there. My chairs are mostly discarded shipping pallets repurposed to showcase a theme. Cardboard becomes backdrops and props for a Safe and Sober Grad Night. A computer gives me immediate access to all the brushes and paints I could ever ask for, but none of the clean up.
The urge to create is everpresent, constantly being challenged by what you see, or by what someone else creates. Hence, the links on my landing page. To me creativity is like that piece of chocolate cake in the kitchen, always calling always delicious and satisfying. Once I get my mind on a thought about making something, I'm stuck with it nagging me until its done.
In an almost literal sense, I was born with a pencil in my hand, doodling airplanes, cars and spaceships on anything which would accept a graphite smudge. As a young man, a visit to the famous Canyon Road in Santa Fe New Mexico, afforded me the opportunity to meet pastel artist Albert Handel. Mr. Handel's legendary skills with color and light ignited a hidden passion in me to draw the natural and hsitoric world around me. Possibly this was one of the reasons I made the wise decision to raise my family in California's Mother Lode, Angels Camp to be exact.
 My personality is obsessivly creative, combining the tactile disciplines of pencil, paint ink, wood, glass and paper into unexpected oblects of art. Despite a lack of formal art training beyond public high school, I have developed a keen eye and wide skillset which has led to a number of awards, Additionally, my skills kave led to donations to the Calaveras County Arts Council "Chairs for Charity" and the Calaveras County farm Bureau Ag Education Auction which collectivly have raised over $1200. I have also donated my skills with cardboard set building to four "Sober Grad Nights" at our local schools as well as art direction and painting "Barrel of Monkeez" indoor mini-golf and Lazer tag arena.